GemFire 7.0.2

Package com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.client

The com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.client package provides APIs used for client connectivity and caching.


Interface Summary
ClientCache A ClientCache instance controls the life cycle of the local singleton cache in a client.
ClientRegionFactory<K,V> A factory for constructing client cache regions.
Pool A pool for connections from a client to a set of GemFire Cache Servers.
PoolFactory This interface provides for the configuration and creation of instances of Pool.

Class Summary
ClientCacheFactory Factory class used to create the singleton client cache and connect to one or more GemFire Cache Servers.
PoolManager Manages creation and access to connection pools for clients.

Enum Summary
ClientRegionShortcut Each enum represents a predefined RegionAttributes in a ClientCache.

Exception Summary
AllConnectionsInUseException Indicates that the connection pool is at its maximum size and all connections are in use.
ClientNotReadyException Deprecated. as of 6.5 this exception is no longer thrown by GemFire so any code that catches it should be removed.
NoAvailableLocatorsException An exception indicating that there are no active locators available to connect to.
NoAvailableServersException An exception indicating that there are no active servers available to connect to.
ServerConnectivityException A generic exception indicating that a failure has happened while communicating with a gemfire server.
ServerOperationException An exception indicating that a failure has happened on the server while processing an operation that was sent to it by a client.
ServerRefusedConnectionException A ServerRefusedConnectionException indicates a client attempted to connect to a server, but the handshake was rejected.
SubscriptionNotEnabledException An exception indicating that client subscriptions are not enabled on this client, but the client is trying to perform an operation that requires a client subscription, such as Region.registerInterest(Object).

Package com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.client Description

The com.gemstone.gemfire.cache.client package provides APIs used for client connectivity and caching.

Most clients will only need to create a ClientCache using a ClientCacheFactory.

A client configures the servers it will connect to by creating one or more pools. For most use cases one pool per client is all you need and the easiest way to get a single pool is to use ClientCacheFactory. If you do need more than one pool use a pool factory obtained from the pool manager before you create the cache using ClientCacheFactory.

An alternative to these APIs is to use the pool XML element as described in the cache6_5.dtd.

If you create more than one pool then for regions that will use a pool you need to configure the pool name on the regions. This can be done by setting the pool name on the region using the API or using the pool-name attribute on the region-attributes as described in the cache6_5.dtd.

Client Declarative Caching

A "caching XML file" declares regions, entries, and attributes. When a ClientCache is created its contents can be initialized according to a caching XML file. The top level element must be a client-cache element.

The Document Type Definition for a declarative cache XML file can be found in "doc-files/cache6_5.dtd". For examples of declarative cache XML files see example1.

GemFire 7.0.2

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