Running the QuickStart Examples

The QuickStart examples demonstrate the capabilities of the GemFire native client, and provide source code so you can examine how each example is designed. C++ and C# examples demonstrate how the native client performs as a C++ or C# client.

Read the QuickStart Guide first (the README.HTML file included with the QuickStart examples) to learn more about running the QuickStart examples.

QuickStart examples are packaged as part of the native client product download listed on the Pivotal GemFire download page. Product examples are installed into the following directory when you install the Pivotal GemFire native client:
where native_client_installdir is the location where you installed the Pivotal GemFire native client.
Note: The C# examples have a .config file that should not be modified or deleted. The file provides references to support files for running the example.