Installation and Licensing

Starting in Pivotal GemFire 7.0, DataBrowser is distributed with Pivotal GemFire. The DataBrowser tool is installed when you install GemFire.

Installation and Licensing Requirements

Make sure your system meets the requirements described in DataBrowser System Requirements.

When the DataBrowser connects to a GemFire locator or JMX Manager, it does not require any licensing. However, when the tool connects to a Pivotal GemFire cache server to perform queries, the tool connects to the server a client and will consume a client license if you are not using an unlimited-client-upgrade license. See Understanding Pivotal GemFire Licensing for more information.

Installing DataBrowser

Locate DataBrowser in your GemFire installation:


Where <product_directory> corresponds to the location where you installed GemFire. If you installed using RPM, the default location is /opt/vmware/vfabric_gemfire/Pivotal_GemFire_XX where XX corresponds to the version of GemFire (for example, Pivotal_GemFire_70) that you have installed

The DataBrowser tool installation has three subdirectories:
  • bin. DataBrowser launch scripts, databrowser.bat and databrowser.
  • docs. index.html page that links to the latest GemFire documentation (requires an Internet connection).
  • lib. Jars and binary libraries needed to run DataBrowser .

Uninstalling DataBrowser

To uninstall DataBrowser, delete the DataBrowser folder and its contents from your GemFire installation, or delete the entire GemFire product tree if you are uninstalling GemFire.