Transient Region and Entry Statistics

For replicated, distributed, and local regions, GemFire provides a standard set of statistics for the region and its entries.

GemFire gathers these statistics when the region attribute statistics-enabled is set to true.
Note: Unlike other GemFire statistics, these region and entry statistics are not archived and cannot be charted.
Note: Enabling these statistics requires extra memory per entry. See Memory Requirements for Cached Data.
These are the transient statistics gathered for all but partitioned regions:

The hit and miss counts collected in these statistics can be useful for fine-tuning your system’s caches. If you have a region’s entry expiration enabled, for example, and see a high ratio of misses to hits on the entries, you might choose to increase the expiration times.

Retrieve region and entry statistics through the getStatistics methods of the Region and Region.Entry objects.