Execute functions on members or regions.

execute function

Execute the function with the specified ID. By default will execute on all members.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.

execute function --id=value [--group=value] [--member=value] [--region=v
alue] [--arguments=value(,value)*] [--result-collector=value] [--filter=value]
id Required. ID of the function to execute.
group Group of members on which this function should be executed. Note that you can only supply one member group.
member Name/Id of the member on which the function will be executed.
region Region on which the data dependent function will be executed.
arguments Arguments to the function in comma separated String format.
result-collector Fully qualified class name of the ResultCollector to instantiate for gathering results.
filter Key list which causes the function to only be executed on members which have entries with these keys.
Example Commands:
execute function --id=InterestCalculations --region=/InterestRegion
execute function --id=InterestCalculations --member=server1
execute function --id=InterestCalculations --group=Group1