Locate a region entry on a member.

locate entry

Locate a given entry on members using the specified key. This command is useful when using partitioned regions.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.

locate entry --key=value --region=value [--key-class=value] 
[--value-class=value] [--recursive=value]
key Required. String or JSON text from which to create a key. Examples include: "James", "100L" and "('id': 'l34s')".
region Required. Region in which to locate values.
key-class Fully qualified class name of the key's type. The default is java.lang.String.
value-class Fully qualified class name of the value's type. The default is java.lang.String.
recursive Whether to traverse regions and subregions recursively. If the value of this parameter is not specified, the default value is false.
Example Commands:
locate entry --key=('id':'133abg124') --region=/region1 
--key-class=data.ProfileKey --recursive=true;
Sample Output:
gfsh>locate entry --key=('123abc') --region=region2
Result          : true
Key Class       : java.lang.String
Key             : ('123abc')
Locations Found : 2

MemberName | MemberId
---------- | -------------------------------------
server1    | GemFireStymon(server1:3692)<v1>:13487
server2    | GemFireStymon(server2:2340)<v2>:11613