Rebalance partitioned regions.

The default is for all partitioned regions to be rebalanced.

Availability: Online. You must be connected in gfsh to a JMX Manager member to use this command.

rebalance [--include-region=value(,value)*] 
[--exclude-region=value(,value)*] [--time-out=value] [--simulate(=value)?]
include-region Partitioned Region paths to be included for rebalance operation. Includes take precedence over excludes.
exclude-region Partitioned Region paths to be excluded for rebalance operation.
time-out Time to wait (in seconds) before GFSH returns to a prompt while rebalancing continues in the background. The default is to wait for rebalancing to complete.
simulate Whether to only simulate rebalancing. The --time-out parameter is not available when simulating. If no value is specified for the parameter, the default value is true.
Example Commands:
rebalance --include-region=/region3 --simulate=true
Sample Output:
1. server1  host1(3467):12435:12423
Row  Rebalanced Stats               | Value 
---  ----------------               | ----- 
1    TotalBucketCreateBytes         | 0 
2    TotalBucketCreateTime          | 0 
3    TotalBucketCreatesCompleted    | 0 
4    TotalBucketTransferBytes       | 0 
5    TotalBucketTransferTime        | 0 
6    TotalBucketTransfersCompleted  | 0 
7    TotalPrimaryTransferTime       | 0 
8    TotalPrimaryTransfersCompleted | 0 
9    TotalTime                      | 56

Rebalance complete on host1(3467):12435:12423.