upgrade offline-disk-store

Upgrade offline disk-stores used in Pivotal GemFire 6.5 or 6.6 installations to a format that is compatible with Pivotal GemFire 7.0.

If the disk store is large, additional memory may need to be allocated to the process using the --J=-Xmx??? parameter.

Availability: Offline.

upgrade offline-disk-store --name=value --disk-dirs=value(,value)* 
[--max-oplog-size=value] [--J=value(,value)*]
name Required. Name of the offline disk store to be upgraded.
disk-dirs Required. Directories where data for the disk store was previously written.
max-oplog-size Maximum size (in megabytes) of the oplogs created by the upgrade. The default value if the parameter is not specified is -1.
J Arguments passed to the Java Virtual Machine performing the upgrade operation on the disk store.
Example Commands:
upgrade offline-disk-store --name=DiskStore1 --disk-dirs=/Disks/DiskStore1
upgrade offline-disk-store --name=DiskStore1 --disk-dirs=/Disks/DiskStore1 --J=-DXmx512